Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teaching in Vacation Bible School

There have been so many ministry opportunities to do at North this summer. First of all, I got the opportunity to teach Vacation Bible School to children in a variety of age groups. The primary theme of Bible school was learning to trust in God.  The kids learned about how Mary and Martha learned to trust God even though it was clear that Lazarus was dead and would not rise again. I let the children choose someone to mummify with toilet paper in order to represent the death of Lazarus. Also, the kids learned how the disciples learned to trust God to provide fish for them when they could not catch any for themselves. Just when the disciples thought that they were going to go home with no fish, Jesus told them to throw out their net once again. When they threw out their net, they caught 153 fish! I let the kids practice throwing out a real fish net. They really enjoyed throwing out the net—especially when I pretended to be a fish.

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