Friday, August 3, 2012

7 lbs.

7 lbs.
After having many life-giving experiences over the past few days, this morning may have been my favorite moment of my entire ten weeks in Lilesville. (So much so that I am putting off finishing my sermon to write this out.) This morning I had the absolute blessing of finding the newest member of our Family, Jeffrie Dean, snuggled in my arms. After I excitedly entered the hospital room, I smiled to see the father lying in the hospital bed, and there, lying on his chest, was the most precious 7 lbs. currently on the earth.  I had not even got through ordinary greetings, and his father, Josh, out stretched his arms, handing me the most precious bundle of love.  And there I stood, elated, holding the most delicate little thing. His nose wasn’t larger than my pinky, and his eyes rested peacefully, not a care in the world.  Every couple of minutes he would move the tiny little muscles in his face creating the cutest expressions.  Deeply moved by God’s newest creation, I stood there rocking him to the rhythm of my silent prayers, for him, his life, and his family.  I wished for him a life of awareness of God’s unending love, and that this love would be shown to him in the world around him, his family and friends, and all those graced by his presence.
Not even 24 hours old, this child brought peace and joy.  Jeffrie Dean, innocently sleeping, was the truest form of embodied peace.  He was born to a couple that has had a special place in my heart this summer, not only because I had the blessing of taking part in their reception into Lilesville Charge’s membership but also because whether they knew it or not, it was always nice just to see another young face representing the 18-45 year old crowd. And Jeffrie brought to this couple life. His life invoked pure joy and elation in his father, illustrated in his face and comment that he was on Cloud Nine. And his mother, Melissa, was absolutely glowing, and quite frankly itching to get home with their newest addition to the family.
Born on what would have been his great grandfather’s 80th birthday to a world where it is all too easy to get caught up in the struggles of life, death, and decay, I wondered what this world would be life if everyone held a new born child every once in a while. Maybe we would be quicker to remember we leave this world for our children.  Maybe we would find ourselves more often submerged in the joy and love a newborn parent feels. Maybe we would embody and share the peace of a newborn child.  Maybe we would more frequently remember what gives us Life.
So today, I thank little Jeffrie and his parents for giving me life, and I pray that his life will be endlessly life-giving.

May the Lord bring you, Jeffrie Dean, into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God. Amen.

Another day in the life in Lilesville.

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