Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the cross-denominational thing

After the past two days I feel very good about my supervisor, and in a limited (because more ignorant) fashion, about my church this summer. I think it is not unreasonable to hope that if there are difficulties, they will at least not be at the level of simply getting along.

I am really excited about preaching, and about the people I'll get to meet, and about barbecue (Lexington likes to call itself the barbecue capital of the world). But I am a little antsy about how I as an Anglican with catholic beliefs will live in a low-church rural Methodist congregation. On one level, I grew up as a Baptist in Mississippi, so many things won't surprise me, but will they subtly annoy me?

I pray for grace, first of all, not to worry about what will happen or to overthink it. I don't want to pigeonhole this parish or my summer or God's work before field ed even begins. Secondly I need wisdom as to how to navigate those differences in theology and practice as they do arise. There is a good place between complete, unthinking assimilation into a new parish on the one hand, and detached, acontextual criticism on the other.

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