Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blessing the Bicycle

Luke Wetzel, Durham, N.C.

Probably my greatest privilege this week was to lead a group of people in blessing Charlie's bicycle. Charlie is a regular attendee at the three-times-weekly prayer service at Urban Ministries of Durham. The service is a remarkable gathering where people share the many blessings in their lives and those things for which the feel called to pray. Charlie has an joyful and infectious passion for God. He told the group that he had been praying for a bicycle for a couple weeks. Finally he got to spend a few hours working at the Durham Bicycle Cooperative and through his efforts received a mountain bike of his very own. After the service a group of us went out to the parking lot and prayed over his bicycle.

Here is something like what I said:

"This bicycle is a testament to prayer answered.

Almighty Father, through your providence Charlie has received this bicycle. We ask that you bless it, use it for the ministry that you have called Charlie to do. Help Charlie to keep it in good repair. Keep Charlie safe as he rides it. Guide and keep all of us on the roads and sidewalks of of our lives in service to you. We ask all these things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

This may seem trivial, but I see it as anything but. Charlie's bicycle allows him significant mobility that he previously lacked. On his bicycle, Charlie is able to enjoy God's creation in a new way and go further to spread the hope that is within him for which he does not hesitate to share the reason.

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