Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It Has Begun!

I'm back!

Some three and a half weeks ago, I posted my first note on this blog -- and announced that before I began serving at my field-education placement, I was headed to the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and Greece)!

Well, my incredible trip has come and gone, and I have finally arrived in Charlotte, NC as the summer intern at South Tryon Community Church (STCC)!

I must say, the trip abroad was incredible. Absolutely incredible. I experienced God in so many different ways!! I could spend all day reminiscing, so I'll just mention one God-filled moment. While in Egypt, I (along with 35 other seminarians and laypeople) was given the opportunity to climb the mountain that, for thousands of years, believers have recognized as Mt. Sinai! As I stood at the foot of the mountain (at 2am, mind you) and stared at the sky -- my knees felt wobbly and weak. The beautiful curve of the mountain, the perfect placement of the stars, the stunning darkness of the night, the crisp smell of the dust-filled desert air -- it was all too much.

How could I stand in the presence of God? Because that's exactly what I was doing.

And then it hit me (just before I headed up the mountain to watch the sun rise) -- I stand in His presence EVERY day. Every single day. Every moment, every second. Though I am unworthy -- God invites me to stand in awe of His presence, His goodness.

And I've been ever reminded of that truth here at STCC. Today a few church members walked with me through the community that neighbors the church. I passed out a few fliers and talked to a few people -- introduced myself -- ya know. And again, I felt that wobbly-knee-sensation.

As I saw the many homes in the community, saw children playing, met mothers and fathers of the community, and as I passed one home and smelled dinner cooking -- I realized that this community of people is ALSO a might show of God's presence. And I, though unworthy, have been called to enter into this community to serve and be served.

I am SO incredibly glad to be here at STCC and am crazy-nervous AND crazy-excited about what God has in store!

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Emily Sanford, MSW/MDiv, '08 said...

I'm so glad that you had an amazing time on the Middle East Travel Seminar! I hope that your transition to Charlotte continues to go well.