Monday, June 4, 2007

Quick Update

A Joy: Sunday was wonderful. I sat in on the young adult Sunday school class, and we talked about Amos and social justice. The discussion got quite heated, and I think some folks learned some things. I got pretty agitated when folks started in on the "God helps those who help themselves" gig...but we rectified that situation quickly. Worship was also a delight. We celebrated our past and present Sunday School superintendents and talked about fishing for people (I brought along a fishing pole for the kids).

Make sure you use the right term:
I don't have any hard data on how often Duke Divinity Field Education Interns see the need arise to use a synonym for "buttocks" in their day-to-day ministry, but it can't be that often. Well, I used one particular synonym today, and got in a little bit of trouble. It all started when I saw, upon arriving at the church this morning, that the children from the daycare had assembled for a storytelling/singing time in the church sanctuary. I ran for the guitar, and led the group in a couple of songs. We sang ah-la-la-la la-la-le-leu-ia... (you know the one? It's kinda hard to communicate without actually singing it for you)...and lots of the verses like "hug another neck," "clap another hand," "Jesus is a friend," etc. One of the favorites was "bump another rump." I must admit, the rump-bumping verse was my favorite verse in those pre-elementary years.

A little later in the day, after lunch, Sister Sandra, who directs the daycare, came up to me and asked "are you gonna be offended if I ask you a question?" "Well, that depends on what it is," I replied, jokingly. She kindly, and quite seriously asked me not to use the word "rump" in front of the children.


She laughed a little, and explained that there was one preschool teacher who didn't approve of that term..."I know," she said, "it's silly." As I tried not to roll onto the floor, Sister Sandra explained that she too thought that this was silly. Apparently, the daycare prefers the term "bottom." Bottom! Even "butt" is okay! Hmmm. "Bump another bottom, bump a bottom next to ya" just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? I'll be leaving that verse out from now on, I suppose. I'm perfectly willing to respect other's wishes when it comes to the language their children use...I guess, in this case, I'm just...amused, very amused.

It's a good thing that the daycare doesn't cook rump roast for the children at lunch time. What would they call it? "Bottom roast?" Eww.


Anonymous said...

Very, very amusing. And awesome song, too--one that reminds me how much I loved being a kid in the church and how ill-suited I often feel for leading kids in the church. I have to admit, that's one in which I might be a bit rebellious (especially since the complaint was conveyed secondhandedly) and do it anyway. But I'm pretty sure no deep theology will be lost if you lose "rump."

Amey Victoria Adkins, M.Div, '09 said...

Awwww, stuart! The concessions we are called to make in love! They do serve "rump" roast, though, don't they? Glad to hear you are well :)