Sunday, June 24, 2007

preaching, take one

This morning I preached my first sermon (which I've posted here). I was excited about it up until the last moment, when, singing the hymn, I suddenly realized what I was about to do. Then I got a little nervous. Craziness.

Once I was in preaching-mode everything went well. I got some good comments, and a lot of the comments which basically indicate that people were happy to have gotten out on time. I'm hoping that I get some more critical assessment at some point.


Emily Sanford, MSW/MDiv, '08 said...

I really love the part where you critique our tendency toward the hero's very convicting to remember "God doesn’t want you to save the world—Christ has already done that. God wants you to be faithful."

I also found the connection between the empty tomb and silence to be helpful. I think that could have even been developed more (maybe in another sermon).

And I can definitely see the influence of Dean Wells...great first sermon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Emily.