Wednesday, June 6, 2007

you never know what to expect

Exempli gratii: I had no idea that I would get a flower arrangement my first Sunday here because I drove the farthest. But it happens.
Last Sunday I tried to teach the kids "you are what you eat" as a way of thinking about Holy Communion. I had my celery stalks which had drunk a good deal of blue food coloring. But when I asked what the difference was between the blue celery and the normal celery, the response was, "This one has more leaves. Can I eat it?" Ah. Charmers, aren't they? Tonight I get to talk to them about the armor of God, which I'm pretty sure is going to be one big Play-Doh fest.
My laptop broke. And yes, I am a child of technology and feel completely helpless right now. What am I going to do, read? Well maybe, and do more planning (more children's stuff, a "normal" sermon, and some prayers). Unless the Gideons come by again and instead of telling them the pastor's out I accidentally open my mouth and say something about how strange it is that their Bibles don't have Tobit and Wisdom.

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